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“Our five year old son has been seeing Dara Fay for the past year to help with his Childhood Apraxia of Speech. During this time we have seen improvements in his speech but what has been most helpful is the tools she gave him to use so that he can help people understand him better. He knows that he needs to “stretch” his words and he often uses the hand gesture cue she taught him to help himself. He tries to emphasize the syllables in his words to enunciate better. She makes the activities interesting and fun for him, whether that is during in person or online sessions. He looks forward to seeing the ‘Speech Doctor’ as he refers to her”.

Kara – Evan’s Mother

“My daughter (3 years old) and I have been working with Dara for 9 months now. During this time Dara has helped us get set up with an AAC device (automated talker). In my daughters therapy sessions we practice using the talker and verbal speech. Dara always has fun things planned for us and remembers my daughters interests which helps my daughter be more engaged during our appointments. Dara also did our assessment for pre-k…which enabled us to be accepted into a program for this September. Dara is very knowledgeable and I feel she has opened a lot of doors for my daughter. I don’t think we would have had so much improvement in my daughters speech and confidence without Dara.  I HIGHLY recommend her!!!”

Katherine – Jacquelyn’s Mother

“We absolutely adore working with Dara. In a short few months Arthur has gone from non verbal to having some 2 word sentences, his understanding of language is much better and he is slowly catching up to his peers.”

Nathalie – Arthur’s Mother

“Hi, this is Rantaz’s mother. My son is 6 years old and he has speech delay. His Pediatritian referred us to Communication Consultation. And there we found Dara Fay. She is such a good teacher to my child. She has put so much effort in my son’s speech. My Son was non verbal and since he started taking the speech session with Dara, he has so many words now. I have seen a lot of improvement in my son’s speech and behaviour. All thanks to the wonderful speech pathologist Dara Fay”. 

Sandeep – Rantaz’s Mother

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